Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grade: 4 Math Final exam review

Grade: 4
Math final Review
Vocabulary: -place value -standard form -expanded form -word form -period -digit -estimate -front-end -estimation -compare -change/making change -round -Properties of addition and multiplication: -commutative -associative -one/identity -zero -distributive -addends -missing addends -related facts -sum -difference -compatible numbers -product -factors -array -partial products -elapsed time -a.m -p.m. -compensation -half-way -Fraction -numerator -denominator -greatest common factor -least common multiple/denominator -lowest term/simplest form -equivalent fractions -mixed number -improper fraction -justify -analyze

I. Fraction Concepts (Chapter 8)
* Writing and identifying fractions
* Equivalent fractions
* Greatest Common Factor
* Lowest Term/simplest form
* Comparing and ordering
* estimating fractions

II. Fractions: addition and subtraction (Chapter 9)
• Adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators
• Renaming improper fractions and mixed numbers
• Adding/subtracting mixed numbers
• Find the least common multiple/denominator
• Find parts of numbers

III. Chapter 11
• Calculating perimeter, area, and volume

IV. Chapter 3 (addition/subtraction)
* Front-end estimation
* Adding/subtracting three-five digit numbers

V. Chapter 4 (multiplication)
• Missing factors
• Estimating products
• Multiplying four digits by one digit factors

VI. Chapter 5 (division)
• Dividing one-three digits by one digit.

VII chapter 8 geometry
* lines
* angles
* polygons/plane figures/solid figures